How to contact me

If you think you found a bug, or if something doesn't work as you expected, then please check the Known Bugs and the FAQ sections first. If your question isn't answered there, send me an e-mail at the address below.

First check the To Do and FAQ pages; if the feature you'd like to see in StatBar is not listed there, just let me know. Of course I can't promise that everything you ask can or will be implemented, but there's no harm in asking.

Although I always try to answer my mail as soon as possible, response times may vary. It might take an hour, it might take a week; that simply depends on how busy I am with other things. Please remember that StatBar is a free product with free support, from a student who doesn't intend to dedicate all of his spare time to it. Yes, programmers with a social life do exist! I also recieve quite a lot of e-mails from users who don't have any questions or problems, but just want to thank me for writing StatBar. I may not always have the time to answer those messages, but of course I read and appreciate them all (in English or Dutch)