To Do

Please note that these features are all under reserve and in no particular order.

•  A date/time module
Support for separators in the QuickLaunch module
Skinning support
A pagefile usage meter
MotherBoard Monitor (CPU temperature measuring) support
mIRC DDE support
A display resolution module
A "start screen saver" button
The ability to hide the time synchronization module entirely, while keeping it active anyway
The ability to make the main window floating instead of docked
A POP3/IMAP e-mail checker
The ability to select the CD drive that will be controlled by the CD door eject/close buttons
Multi-monitor support
A display resolution module
SETI@Home support
An online weather checking module
RSS news feed support
Display the actual CPU speed
A CD player
Logging possibilities for the CPU and memory modules
The ability to double the height of the main window so that more modules can be displayed simultaneously
Display the Winamp song title directly on the bar
The ability to use the volume control module to control the Winamp volume instead of the master volume
The ability to lock the master volume to a specified level
Client/server support (the ability to view the StatBar data of another computer)
Drag & drop support for the QuickLaunch module
A harddisk activity meter

And probably lots of small options I forgot to mention here