Known Bugs

The following issues are known to exist in StatBar 2.406:

Status:  Not fixable
Issue: Under Windows 95/98/ME, the NumLock, CapsLock, ScrollLock and Insert lights may not be updated until you move the mouse cursor over the StatBar window. This seems to be an issue with those Windows versions, as it works fine under Windows NT/2000/XP.

Status:  Investigating/working on it
Issue: The time synchronization may sometimes fail when it first checks the time at startup of the program.

Status:  Investigating/working on it
Issue: When you exit Windows while StatBar is running, .tmp files may be left behind in your Windows Temp folder.

Status:  This is not a bug
Issue: Please check the FAQ.

Status:  Investigating/working on it
Issue: On some systems, StatBar may display only the bar itself and a sometimes a few dark rectangles where the various buttons and graphics should be. This seems to occur only on systems with non-Latin language support (e.g. Asian or Hebrew).