Release date: July 12, 2003

•  On some Win2000/XP systems, StatBar 2.4 would consume all available memory on startup, and the program would eventually crash. This was due to a bug in the performance counter routines. Fixed.

Extended/changed features:
•  The RC5/OGR counter module has been updated. It now also displays the statistics for the buff-in file instead of only for the buff-out file. This data is now displayed in the tooltip for the cow icon. The "blocks" and work "units" indicators on the bar have been removed, which saves some space.

New features/options:
•  Added an option to let the W button in both Winamp control modules pop up Winamp instead of close it.
•  Added an option to let the disk information panel pop up when you move your mouse over the disk icon instead of having to click it.
•  Added an option to turn off the tooltips for the main window.