Release date: July 11, 2003

•  The update check function would display a message stating "An error has occured while extracting the update files" when updating the program while the .HLP or .CNT file was not present in the StatBar folder. Fixed.
•  Starting StatBar while your system uptime had reached 25 days would cause the program to quit with a "Run-time error 6: Overflow" message (keeping the program active while passing that "25 day limit" would cause no problems though). Fixed.
•  Resetting the main window via the option in the popup menu would cause all adapters for the network traffic module to be suddenly deselected. Fixed.
•  When earlier versions of StatBar were placed at the bottom of your desktop, some of the tooltips would appear at the top of your screen. This seemed to be an issue with VB and/or Windows, but StatBar now uses a custom-written tooltip mechanism for the main window. Ergo: fixed.
•  Under WinNT/2000/XP, the disk information panel would not display a drive's volume label, file system type and total capacity if the volume label was longer than 11 characters. This is the maximum volume label length on FAT systems, but NTFS supports labels of up to 32 characters. Fixed.
•  TDS3 (Trojan Defense Suite) incorrectly suspected StatBar to be a trojan; this was due to the way the CD door eject/close module in StatBar works. Fixed.
•  Under Windows XP, the "jump to file" button in the Winamp controls module often didn't function properly. Should be fixed now.
•  On some systems, the master volume control module somehow malfunctioned. Should be fixed now. (I hope...)

Extended/changed features:
•  On Windows NT/2000/XP and above, the uptime module is no longer limited to 49.7 days.
•  Adapted the RC5/OGR counter module to the RC5-72 project logfile format.
•  The tooltip for the "WA2:" text now also displays the song duration, bitrate, samplerate and number of channels.
•  Added detection of Windows Server 2003 (which is actually NT 5.2, formerly known as Windows.NET Server) and Longhorn (which is actually NT 6.0).
•  The tooltips for the Previous and Next buttons (for both Winamp modules) now display the current song as well.
•  The tooltip for the percentage digits in the battery status module now displays the remaining battery lifetime as well, if available.
•  Added support for terabyte volumes to the disk information module.
•  Extended the QuickLaunch module; it's now possible to specify a working directory, parameters, a custom icon, and the startup mode as well.
•  The drives on the disk information panel are now clickable; clicking them launches a default Windows Explorer window for that drive.
•  Added a tooltip to the activity monitor in the network traffic module, which displays the IP addresses of the adapters being monitored.
•  Changed the look of the Locks status module and added support for the Insert key state.

New features/options:
•  Added the E-mail launcher module.
•  Added the Winamp 3 controls module and renamed "Winamp controls" to "Winamp 2.x controls".
•  Added the Search engine launcher module.
•  Added the ability to pause or stop Winamp playback when you click the "Lock Workstation" button.
•  Added the ability to show the "MB" text in the memory status info module again.
•  Added dual CPU support to the CPU usage module.
•  Added the ability to exclude a process from the CPU usage calculations (useful if you are participating in a distributed computing project). Please note that this feature is only available under WinNT/2000/XP and above.
•  Added an option to show mapped network drives and removable drives in the disk information panel.

•  The "skinning" part of the code has been rewritten almost completely. Switching color schemes is a bit slower now, but it uses much less resources under Win95/98/ME.
•  The transparency level is now indicated and editable using a percentage text field as well as via a scrollbar.
•  Rearranged the configuration window, making the space meter visible at all times.
•  Some huge internal restructurings; the code is much more modular now. Still a lot of work to do though...
•  Removed some screenshots from the help file, thus reducing its size.
•  Replaced the "D:" and "U:" (download/upload) labels for the network traffic meter by arrows.
•  StatBar now displays the amount of used RAM instead of the the amount of available RAM by default.
•  The default color scheme is now "Silver (WinXP style)" instead of "Gray & Green".
•  The "Show digit backgrounds" option is now turned off by default.
•  The "Hide panel when mouse leaves it" option is now turned off by default.