Release date: March 31, 2002

•  Under Windows XP, a gray rectangle in the middle of your screen would be visible for a short time on startup of the program. Fixed.
•  A small flaw in the CPU usage module might, under rare circumstances, have caused StatBar to crash. Fixed.
•  The digits for the Windows NT version number (only visible on NT 4.0) would not be updated when toggling the "Show digit backgrounds" option. Fixed.
•  The total space in the configuration window wasn't calculated correctly when toggling the "Show information module separators" option. Fixed.
•  When using large fonts in Windows, the main window would be a bit too high and the modules would not be aligned properly. Fixed.
•  When module alignment was set to "justify", the modules would sometimes not be aligned properly due to a slight rounding bug in the placement calculation. Fixed.
•  The "Remember this selection when screen resolution changes" option did not work when StatBar was running in auto-hide mode. Fixed.
•  The main window would be positioned incorrectly when switching color depth or when using Fast User Switching in Windows XP. Fixed.
•  When modifying the path to the Winamp executable in the configuration window, the changes you made would not be saved. Fixed.
•  If the taskbar was positioned at the side of your screen in auto-hide mode while StatBar was not running in auto-hide mode, the main window would not cover the entire screen width. Fixed.
•  When disabling auto-hide from the configuration window, StatBar would sometimes quit with an error message stating "An error has occurred while registering the application bar with the Windows Shell". Fixed.
•  Under NT 4.0, StatBar would sometimes not save its module configuration when closing the program. Fixed.
•  When clicking Apply and then OK in the configuration window after adding the master volume control module on a system without a sound card, StatBar would display the message "Unable to open mixer. Volume control will be disabled." twice instead of once. Fixed.
•  StatBar would crash on startup on Windows 95 and NT 4.0 without the Active Desktop Update installed. Should be fixed now.
•  StatBar would often disappear when "Show Desktop" was clicked (or when WinKey+D was pressed, which is essentially the same). Should be fixed now.
•  Hopefully fixed a strange bug which sometimes caused white backgrounds to be displayed behind the digits in the Windows Default color scheme.
•  Hopefully fixed another weird bug which somehow caused the program to display a "Program has been modified. Click OK to quit." message at startup on certain systems.

Extended/changed features:
•  Clicking the volume percentage now opens the standard Windows volume control.
•  Scrollwheel support for the volume control was originally designed for Windows 98 / NT4 and above. Now added support for Windows 95 as well.
•  Added the "Joint Totals" line to the disk information panel (only visible when you have more than one harddisk partition).
•  Added the "jump to file" button to the Winamp controls.
•  Switching between the available/used memory and the elapsed/remaining Winamp song time can now be done with a single mouse click (used to be a doubleclick).
•  Added an extra "minute digit" to the Winamp info module for songs longer than 99:59.
•  The Winamp info module now displays a minus sign in front of the remaining song time.
•  Removed some time servers which weren't functioning anymore. Added some new ones as well; the built-in list is now 50% longer than before.

New features/options:
•  Added the QuickLaunch module.
•  Added the Dial-Up Networking status module.
•  Added the network traffic meter module.
•  Added the ability to set the alpha transparency for the main window and the disk information panel (only for Windows 2000 and above).
•  StatBar now forces the shell to re-initialize the working area on startup of the program; this is useful if StatBar or another application desktop toolbar has crashed and has thus left behind a non-accessible part of your desktop.

•  The Blue & White color scheme was removed in version 2.21; re-added it at the request of a few users.
•  Slightly modified the WinXP Silver color scheme.
•  Removed the "MB" text in the memory status info module.
•  Replaced the disk icon on the harddisk information module and the mute/unmute speaker icons on the master volume module by Windows XP-style icons.
•  Made various texts on the main window appear in a thinner font. This looks a bit nicer and saves some screen space as well.
•  Replaced the two time server input boxes (one for predefined servers and one for a custom server) by a single input box.
•  Made some internal changes to the update check function.
•  Raised the connection timeout for the time synchronization module from 2000 to 5000 milliseconds.
•  Rearranged the configuration window a bit.
•  Gave the about box a new look.
•  Did some internal restructuring of the code.