Release date: October 31, 2001

•  Since version 2.2, the tab sequence in the configuration window didn't work properly anymore. Fixed.
•  When the "Open website on logo doubleclick" option was enabled, doubleclicking on the utter left of the bar would also open the website when the logo wasn't visible. Fixed.
•  When you had StatBar in auto-hide mode while the taskbar was positioned at the side of your screen, the program would switch between the full screen width and the work area width when popping up. Fixed.
•  Setting StatBar in auto-hide mode at the bottom of your screen would occasionally hang the program. Fixed.
•  When switching to auto-hide mode, StatBar would not be displayed until you activated another window. Fixed.
•  Under Windows XP, the popup menu, the disk information panel, and the Windows start menu would all drop behind the main window. Fixed.

Extended/changed features:
•  Replaced the Blue & White color scheme with a Windows XP style Blue scheme.

New features/options:
•  Added the Windows XP style Silver color scheme.
•  Added the ability to hide the digit backgrounds.
•  Added the ability to hide the Winamp song time.
•  Added the ability to hide the information module separators.
•  Added "pointing-finger" mouse cursors to the items in the information modules you can click or doubleclick.
•  The tooltip for the Windows uptime now displays the time the system was started.

•  Added a link to to the about box. Added a link to Shock Media as well; thanks to them for hosting the site.