Release date: October 21, 2001

•  On Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems, the Shut Down button (part of the exit/lock buttons module) did not power off the system when possible. Fixed.
•  If a harddisk partition was present that is not accessible by Windows, StatBar would crash when you opened the harddisk information panel. Fixed.
•  When clicking the e-mail link in the about box, Outlook Express did not parse the string passed to it correctly (Outlook 2000 did however). Fixed.

Extended/changed features:
•  The current user name is now displayed when asking for confirmation for logoff, shutdown or reboot.
•  The tooltip for the "Winamp:" text now displays the current song name.

New features/options:
•  When your screen resolution changes, and then changes back to the original resolution, the modules you originally selected are restored. This is useful when you run applications that use a lower screen resolution than your desktop (mostly games), and thus cause StatBar to hide the modules that didn't fit anymore. This behavior can be turned off by disabling the "Remember this selection when screen resolution changes" option.
•  Added the ability to align the info modules to the left or the right of the main window, or to distribute them evenly (justify).
•  Added the ability to display the remaining Winamp song time instead of the elapsed song time.
•  Added the open/close Winamp button to the Winamp controls.
•  StatBar 2.1 made Windows forcibly terminate all processes on shutdown or reboot. This behavior is now turned off by default and can be turned on by enabling the "Forcibly kill processes on shutdown/reboot" option.
•  Added the "Beep when changing volume" option.
•  Implemented an update check function; StatBar can now check if there is a new version available, and if so, it can even download and install it for you!