Release date: September 29, 2001

•  The list with available info modules wasn't sorted properly when you opened the configuration window. Fixed.
•  The width of the CPU usage and Free & total RAM info modules wasn't updated when you (un)checked the graph options. Fixed.
•  When switching screen resolution, StatBar would sometimes get an incorrect size (it was suddenly too short to cover the entire width of your screen). Fixed.
•  Hopefully fixed some weird program crashes on Win98 and NT4 systems.

Extended/changed features:
•  Renamed "Running" to "Uptime", "CPU Usage" to "CPU" and "Free RAM" to "RAM".
•  Removed the word "Status" in the battery status info module.
•  Renamed the Free & total RAM info module to Memory status.
•  Removed the free registration screen; all it did was putting your name in the about box, which is actually quite useless. Registry entries relating to this screen, created by former versions of StatBar, are automatically deleted.
•  Slightly modified the "Windows Default" color scheme; it now uses the Windows 2000/ME tint of gray instead of the old Windows 95/98/NT4 one.

New features/options:
•  Added the ability to hide the StatBar logo on the left.
•  Added the ability to hide most of the module indicator texts.
•  Added the ability to display the amount of memory currently in use instead of the amount of free memory.
•  Doubleclicking the NumLock, CapsLock or ScrollLock lights will now toggle the state for that particular key.
•  The total amount of RAM is now automatically corrected, as the GlobalMemoryStatus call in Windows always returns a little less than it should. You can turn off this behavior by enabling the "Don't correct total amount of RAM" option.
•  The Windows version info module now has a tooltip displaying the build number and service pack (if applicable).
•  Rearranged the configuration window.
•  Added Winamp controls.
•  Added CD door eject/close buttons.
•  Added the exit/lock buttons.
•  Added the Harddisk information module.
•  Added the "Open homepage on logo doubleclick" option.
•  Added the "Require mouseclick when auto-hiding" option.
•  Added the "Run StatBar on Windows startup" option. If you enable this option, you should remove any shortcuts to StatBar in your startup folder.

•  StatBar is now compiled with Visual Basic 6.0, former versions were compiled with VB 5.0.
•  Slightly modified the help file.