Release date: February 14, 2001

•  On systems without a sound card, StatBar always displayed a mixer error, even if the volume control wasn't displayed. Fixed.
•  Under certain circumstances, the client splits text lines in the logfile, which caused StatBar to read the file incorrectly. Fixed.

Extended/changed features:
•  Added OGR logfile support and thus renamed the RC5 counter to RC5/OGR counter.
•  Reduced auto-hide sensitivity slightly; you have to move your mouse a bit closer to the edge of your screen now to pop up the main window.
•  The tooltips for the volume control now also display the product name of your sound card.
•  Changed "Win.Whistler" to "Windows XP", which is the official name revealed by Microsoft on February 5, 2001.

New features/options:
•  Added scrollwheel support to the volume control.

•  3D-edges are now drawn around the buttons in the configuration window and the about box. Looks quite nice :-)
•  Modified the about box a bit.
•  A few small (internal) changes.