Release date: January 28, 2001

•  If you had the about- or help screen visible and the StatBar window was about to reset automatically (e.g. because of a change in screen resolution), the program would crash. Fixed.

Extended/changed features:
•  Made various (big) enhancements to the routines that manage how StatBar deals with the Windows shell. Also, the main window will not overlap the Windows Start button anymore if you have placed the taskbar at the side of your screen.
•  When moving the main window from top to bottom or vice versa, it used to reset itself completely. This doesn't happen anymore.
•  Added detection of Windows Whistler (which is the codename for NT 5.1).

New features/options:
•  Added the configuration window, in which you can select which information elements will be displayed and which won't.
•  Added master volume and mute control.
•  Added the option to hide the CPU and memory history graphs.
•  Added the "Windows Default" color scheme.
•  Added the RC5 counter.
•  Added time server synchronization.
•  Added the ability to set the interval at which StatBar updates its information yourself.
•  Added the the ability to auto-hide the main window.

•  Replaced the RichText help screen with a help file; therefore the RICHTX32.OCX file is no longer needed.
•  Numerous internal changes.