Release date: July 24, 2000

•  The total amount of memory is now properly rounded. Windows always detects a little less memory than you actually have (on my 128 MB desktop machine it detects 130,612 KB instead of 131,072), and StatBar 1.0 always truncated the fractional part. It now simply rounds at .5.

Extended/changed features:
•  Added detection of Windows 98 Second Edition (StatBar 1.0 just recognized it as Win98).

New features/options:
•  Added the ability to place the main window at the bottom of your desktop.
•  Added the Blue & White and Red & Yellow color schemes.
•  Added a menu option to reset the main window.
•  Added Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock status lights.

•  Removed the internet connection status light; it didn't work properly with various network configurations.