Download StatBar

StatBar 2.406 can be installed in two different ways:

This is the easiest and the preferred way to install StatBar; simply download the installer and run it. No need to download other files.

Webmasters: If you link to this installer, use the URL "" (without the quotes). This will always link to the latest version. The same goes for "".

   StatBar 2.406 setup program (1.65 MB)

This requires a bit more work, but allows you to download the files seperately. Many computers already have the Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files, and the PDH.DLL file is only required on Windows NT 4.0. Most of you can thus skip those files and only have to download the zipped executable & help file.

   StatBar 2.406 executable & help file (340 KB, zipped)
Only required on NT 4.0: PDH.DLL (74 KB, zipped)
Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files (1 MB, installer)

You can unzip the StatBar executable & help file anywhere you like.
If you use NT 4.0, you should unzip PDH.DLL to your \WINNT\System32 folder. There's no need to download this file for Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003; those platforms already have it.

These files are only available in .zip format. Installation is the same as above, but the PDH.DLL file is only required for version 2.4 and higher. These old versions are merely here for historical interest and testing purposes; they are not supported! If you decide to try one of these older versions after running a newer build, make sure that you delete the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Globe Software\StatBar" key from your registry first.

   StatBar 2.405 (339 KB, zipped)
   StatBar 2.4 (336 KB, zipped)
StatBar 2.301 (303 KB, zipped)
StatBar 2.21 (236 KB, zipped)
StatBar 2.2 (217 KB, zipped)